Colour of Poverty – Colour of Change (COP-COC) is a network across Ontario working to build concrete strategies, tools, initiatives and community-based capacity through which individuals, groups and organisations ( especially those reflective of the affected racialized communities – both Indigenous Peoples and peoples of colour ) can begin to develop coherent shared action plans, including creating effective coordinated strategies for collaborating with mainstream policy analysts and institutions, anti-poverty and social justice advocacy groups, governments, funders and the media – so as to best work together to address and redress the ever more disturbing and growing structural and systemic ethno-racial inequality.

The COP-COC Steering Committee membership currently includes Access Alliance Multicultural Health & Community Services, the Black Legal Action Centre, the Canadian Arab Federation, the Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic, the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter, the Council of Agencies Serving South Asians, the Hispanic Development Council, Karuna Community Services, La Passerelle – I.D.E., the Mennonite New Life Centre of Toronto, Midaynta Community Services, the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants, the Punjabi Community Health Services, the South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario, The Neighbourhood Office, the Urban Alliance on Race Relations – together with academic partner – Professor Grace-Edward Galabuzi from Ryerson University in Toronto.

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Colour of Poverty – Colour of Change

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